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US Government Is Once Again Funding Animal-Human Hybrids

As long as scientists don't create a super-smart pig or something

(Newser) - Deciding that, you know what, humans can play God after all, the National Institutes of Health is lifting a year-old moratorium on federal funding for the creation of partially human animal embryos, otherwise known as chimeras. NPR reports the NIH had instituted the moratorium over ethical concerns—like what happens... More »

Scientists: We Can Make Pigs Grow Human Organs

Process has already been used to make mice grow rat organs

(Newser) - Japanese researchers have hit on a stem cell breakthrough that they say could essentially solve the organ shortages problem—but fair warning, it’s weird. By injecting stem cells from rats into the embryos of mice that had been genetically modified to be unable to grow their own organs, the... More »

2 Stories