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Weeklong Experiment: Mom Wears Axe Spray

Dahlia Lithwick joins ranks of teen boys

(Newser) - It seems Axe body spray is contagious. Dahlia Lithwick was too familiar with its "olfactory terrorism" after her sons, ages 10 and 8, started wearing the brand's body wash, deodorant, and spray in imitation of their 13-year-old cousin. She teased, she joked, and then she one day discovered... More »

Saying 'Vagina' Should Totally Be Illegal

Michigan lawmaker proves need for new bill: Dahlia Lithwick

(Newser) - A Michigan lawmaker last week had the audacity to utter the word "vagina" on the House floor, prompting a ban on Rep. Lisa Brown talking at all. It's time to go a step further, writes Dahlia Lithwick at Slate : Let's make it illegal for women to utter... More »

Colbert Making Supreme Court Look Stupid

Dahlia Lithwick says court is ill-equipped to deal with comedy

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has had plenty of powerful foils over the years, like Andrew Jackson and FDR, "but in the history of the Supreme Court, nothing has ever prepared the justices for the public opinion wrecking ball that is Stephen Colbert," writes Dahlia Lithwick at Slate . With his... More »

I Guess Torture Is Legal Now

Dick Cheney makes a farce of our 'rule of law': Dahlia Lithwick

(Newser) - With his memoir, and accompanying media blitz, Dick Cheney is trying to provoke us into once again discussing the merits of torture, a topic “about as compelling as a debate about the efficacy of slavery or Jim Crow laws,” writes Dahlia Lithwick of Slate . Almost everyone agrees torture... More »

In Wal-Mart Case, High Court Ignores Women, Evidence

Dahlia Lithwick on the injustice of Wal-Mart v. Dukes

(Newser) - The Supreme Court’s Wal-Mart ruling doesn’t just set the legal precedent that some companies are too big to sue. The court’s five conservatives—and all but one of its men—also declared that “sex discrimination is simply too pervasive to be a problem,” writes Dahlia... More »

5 Stories