LulzSec retires

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Hacker Group Hints at 'Explosive' Releases

Claims Anonymous will release biggest info dump in four years

(Newser) - Hacker collective Anonymous claims that it will release "literally explosive" information this week, most likely obtained from intelligence contractors. The claim was made on a Twitter account reportedly run by an Anonymous leader who helped found the recently disbanded LulzSec group, Raw Story reports. More »

Arizona Police Confirm 2nd Hack, This Time by 'AntiSec'

Group goes after officers' personal emails

(Newser) - A second computer hacking attack in two weeks against Arizona state police targeted the personal email accounts of some of its officers, an official confirmed yesterday. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is reviewing the information released by a group calling itself AntiSec. An attack last week by the computer... More »

LulzSec: We're Disbanding

Online experts say legal heat was too much for hacker group

(Newser) - Just as it looked like LulzSec was gearing up for an extended reign of cyber leaks and hijinks, the notorious hacker squad decided to hang up its modem—but not without one last hurrah, reports Reuters . "Our planned 50 day cruise has expired, and we must now sail into... More »

3 Stories