William Koch

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Former Exec Sues Koch Brother for Imprisonment

A VP at Bill Koch's Oxbow Corp. says he suspected the company was dodging taxes

(Newser) - Lefties everywhere like to accuse the Koch brothers of everything from buying elections to plotting world domination, but a report by Courthouse News picked up by Huffington Post outlines a truly bizarre accusation involving lesser-known Koch brother, Bill. Seems Bill Koch—the twin of David Koch and younger brother of... More »

Pro-Romney Super PAC Taking Fed Contractor Money

Banned for 36 years, controversial donations may now be allowed

(Newser) - Ah, Citizens United , the political can of worms that keeps on opening. Federal contractors have been banned from making political donations for 36 years, but because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, it's now unclear whether they can give to super PACs. American Crossroads (a Republican super PAC)... More »

Billy the Kid Photo Sells for $2.3M

Bidding goes crazy over Old West outlaw

(Newser) - Get out your auction paddles and ... draw! The only known surviving photo of notorious outlaw Billy the Kid has sold for a whopping $2.3 million, nearly six times the predicted sales price, notes ABC News . The scratched 1880 tintype shows the Kid with a lazy devil-may-care sneer on his... More »

3 Stories