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Tenn. Sheriff After Fatal Shooting: 'I Love This S---'

Lawsuit alleges excessive force in June shooting in Tennessee

(Newser) - The fatal shooting of an unarmed Tennessee man is now the focus of a federal lawsuit based on footage in which a sheriff suggests he ordered the killing to avoid damage to police cars. In the aftermath of the April 13, 2017, shooting of Michael Dial—determined to be justified—... More »

Law Would Shield Cop IDs for 60 Days After Shooting

Critics of Arizona bill are calling it an attack on transparency

(Newser) - Darren Wilson went into hiding after shooting Michael Brown, and when a Phoenix cop killed an unarmed black man in December, police were afraid protesters would mob his home, NBC News reports. The latter never happened, but Arizona Rep. Steven Smith is sponsoring Senate Bill 1445, which would keep... More »

Boy's Shooting Death Didn't Have to Happen: Family

Police who confronted Tamir Rice 'reacted quickly,' family statement says

(Newser) - Tamir Rice could have, and should have, come home on Saturday after a day in the park. That's the belief of his family, which issued a statement yesterday about his death after a video of the 12-year-old being fatally shot by a Cleveland police officer was made public yesterday,... More »

Utah Cops Killed More People Than Gangs

5-year review finds only domestic violence has taken more lives in the state

(Newser) - Police watchdogs have their antennae up at the latest report coming out of Utah: A Salt Lake Tribune review that pored over 300 homicides in the state has found that the most killings there over the past five years weren't at the hands of child abusers, drug dealers, or... More »

Cop Shoots Guy's Dog, Blocks Him From Vet

Wouldn't let owner leave scene because it wasn't procedure

(Newser) - Even the owner of a "friendly" and "socialized" German shepherd shot in the face by a Georgia cop last Thursday understands why the officer may have panicked upon seeing a pretty large dog running his way. What DeKalb County resident Tim Theall doesn’t understand is why Officer... More »

Border Patrol: OK to Shoot Fleeing Subjects?

Congress probes case of jailed agents

(Newser) - Now that the president is in the business of commuting sentences, some lawmakers would like to see him turn his attention to two border patrol agents who drew more than 10 years in prison for shooting a fleeing, unarmed drug trafficker in the back. By federal law, agents are allowed... More »

6 Stories