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'Purple Blob' on Ocean Floor Baffles Scientists

It could be a new species of sea slug

(Newser) - Scientists exploring the seafloor around California's Channel Islands have made a strange discovery. They just aren't exactly sure what it is. While studying deep-sea coral via a remotely operated vehicle, scientists on the research vessel E/V Nautilus noticed a "dark purple blob" with a pink center on... More »

5 Coolest New Species of the Year

Others that made the list: a 'chicken from hell' and a giant walking stick

(Newser) - Each year, an international committee of taxonomists at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry pores over thousands of new species named the previous year. The result: a top 10 list it publishes on or around the May 23 birthday of Carolus Linnaeus , the 18th-century master of identifying and... More »

This Sea Slug Sheds Penis, Grows New One in 24 Hours

Ability to shed, re-grow sex organ surprises

(Newser) - The Chromodoris reticulata has a peculiar way of mating: After the deed is done, the sea slug sheds its penis ... and then grows a new one within 24 hours and does the whole thing again. "I haven't seen anything like this before," says one expert. A team... More »

Scientists Find Inflatable Shark, 300 New Species

Treasure trove of strange new creatures discovered by scientists

(Newser) - No, it's not a pool toy. Researchers have discovered a new species of inflatable shark, along with more than 300 other previously unknown varieties of creatures dwelling in the Philippines. Among the finds: the shrimp-eating shark that fills itself with water to inflate and scare off predators; dozens of... More »

4 Stories