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In Sonogram, Twin Appears to Clutch Dying Brother's Hand

With a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain, Mason is not expected to make it

(Newser) - When the McIntire family in Hutchinson, Kan., got the surprising news they were expecting twins, their elation quickly turned to grief as they learned that one twin, the boy, weighed only 9 ounces compared to his sister's two pounds, and that he had a hole in his heart and... More »

Here's Why There Are a Lot More Twins These Days

At least in developed countries

(Newser) - It's not your imagination—more people are having twins these days. A recent study found that the rate of twin births in many developed countries has nearly doubled (or more than doubled, in some cases) in the past few decades, the Atlantic reports. The study, published in Population and ... More »

Woman Births Twins 6 Weeks Apart

The boys, now 4 and 6 months old, are healthy and expecting to do fine

(Newser) - It sounds like a riddle: How can two boys be both brothers and twins but not share a birthday, or even a birth month? A Kansas City mother has a rather miraculous answer to that question. Elene Cowan gave birth to her fraternal twin boys nearly six weeks apart, and... More »

In Single 5th-Grade, a Record Number of Twins

Highcrest Middle School's 24 sets look to be new Guinness record

(Newser) - Wilmette, Ill., might seriously want to get its water checked: When 11-year-old brothers Luke and Ryan Novosel started scheming on the wacky or weird ways in which they might land in the Guinness Book of World Records, they eventually gave up on loudest burp and found their answer in their... More »

Autism Tied to Environment in New Study

But which environmental factors remain a mystery

(Newser) - Burgeoning cases of autism are strongly linked to the environment, researchers have discovered. A study of twins indicates that while genetics plays a role, the environment is a more significant factor. The study used results among both identical and fraternal twins, and a mathematical formula that determined that genetics accounts... More »

5 Stories