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Bill O'Reilly Defends His War Reporting, Slams 'Liar'

Mother Jones critic responds with annotated rebuttal

(Newser) - Bill O'Reilly aggressively defended his own war reporting last night, dismissing accusations that he embellished his work about the Falklands and El Salvador in the 1980s as a "political hit job" from a "far left zealot" and "liar." The Fox News host is referring to... More »

Limbaugh 'Problematic,' Says GOP Consultant in Tape

Mother Jones gets another recording, this one of Frank Luntz

(Newser) - David Corn of Mother Jones is out with another anti-Republican secret recording, this one of prominent GOP consultant Frank Luntz dissing Rush Limbaugh and others on right-wing talk radio. In a talk at Penn, Luntz took a question on political polarization. After taking pains to try to make sure his... More »

More Romney Video: Peace in Middle East Impossible

We'd 'kick the ball down the field': candidate

(Newser) - Mother Jones has more from the Mitt Romney fundraiser that yielded yesterday's off-the-cuff footage . This time, Romney is discussing foreign policy, particularly his feeling that "there's just no way" to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. The Palestinians, he says in the tape, have "no... More »

Obama Blamed Fox News for Political Woes

David Corn's 'Showdown' also reveals Obama's 'secret strategy' with GOP

(Newser) - President Obama accused Fox News of hobbling his political success by repeatedly saying he's a Muslim, according to a new book on his administration. During a closed-door meeting with labor leaders in 2010, Obama said he was "losing white males" who watch Fox News and "hear Obama... More »

Bush's Failures Are Kristol Clear

Corn fires back at neocon columnist's revisionist view of the last seven years

(Newser) - Nation editor David Corn does a double take in today's WaPo at neocon infantryman Bill Kristol's Sunday column there, which predicted the Bush presidency would go down as a success. In a blazing review of the scandals, misadventures and outright failures that have plagued the White House for the last... More »

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