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American Gored in Scrotum During Running of the Bulls


(Newser) - Two Americans and a Spaniard were gored Friday during the first running of the bulls of this year's San Fermin festival, medical officials in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona tell the AP . A 46-year-old Spanish man was undergoing surgery for serious injuries to his head and leg after... More »

Matador's Debut Bullfight Ends in Throat Goring

Daniel Garcia Navarrete tossed around 'like a rag doll' in Madrid's Las Ventas ring

(Newser) - A 23-year-old matador was severely injured after a nasty turn with a bull in one of Spain's most famous bullfighting venues. More than 10,000 people in Madrid's Las Ventas bullring watched in horror Sunday as a bull started tossing Daniel Garcia Navarrete around "like a rag... More »

One-Eyed Matador Gored Again

Luckily for Juan Jose Padilla, it was at or near the same eye as last time

(Newser) - Five years almost to the day after he was gored in the eye by a bull, Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla was gored in virtually the same spot again—but he won't need to buy a second eye patch. At a bullfight in Zaragoza Saturday, the 43-year-old was gored... More »

'Rambo' the Elephant Gores Tourist to Death on Thai Trek

Hot weather may have played role in agitating elephant that killed Scottish man

(Newser) - A Scottish tourist was gored to death by an elephant that he and his 16-year-old stepdaughter were riding on the resort island of Samui, Thai authorities tell the AP . A police lieutenant says the animal threw Gareth Crowe and Eilidh Hughes to the ground during a trek on Monday. The... More »

American Gored Horrifically in Bullfighting Festival

Surgeon: 'Biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on'

(Newser) - Running bulls and thousands of inebriated tourists: Once again, not a particularly wise combination, and the latest victim is a 20-year-old man from Georgia who has what his Spanish surgeon calls "the biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on." Benjamin Miller underwent three hours of... More »

23 Hurt in Bloody Pamplona Pileup

But no fatalities as human-bull melee happens outside bull ring

(Newser) - This morning marked the penultimate running of the bulls in Spain's storied San Fermin Festival, and it turned bloody quickly, with 23 revelers in Pamplona injured in a pileup of bulls and humans outside the bull ring. As the AP reports, dozens of falling runners clogged the ring's... More »

3 Gored at Running of the Bulls

None seriously injured

(Newser) - The third bull run of the San Fermin festival saw three runners gored, two Brits and one American. All were gored in the leg and none was seriously injured, the AP reports. Thousands ran ahead of the six bulls in Pamplona today for about three minutes over the 2,785-foot... More »

Man Dragged 30 Yards in Pamplona Bull Run

San Fermin festival kicks off series of annual races

(Newser) - Stampeding bulls gored an elderly man and injured five others in Pamplona today during the San Fermin festival's first bull run, AFP reports. A 73-year-old local man took a horn to the leg, but wasn't seriously hurt, and a runner was knocked down on the final stretch and... More »

Meet Spain's Killer Star: 'Mouse'

Killer bull becomes big celebrity in Spain

(Newser) - A 1,200-pound, 11-year-old bull named "Mouse" has become an unlikely star in Spain: After killing as three people —most recently on Aug. 14—and injuring five over the years, Mouse is now the most famous beast in the country, reports the AP . More than 3,000 fans... More »

Deadly Bull Kills 3rd Victim in 10 Years

Bull is so fearsome, owners command higher fee for appearances

(Newser) - A fearsome bull killed a man at a festival in Spain Saturday—the bull's third kill in 10 years. Ratón, or Mouse, has such a terrifying reputation that its owners earn more than $14,000 whenever it appears at a festival, the Guardian reports. This time around, witnesses... More »

2 Gored by Bulls in Pamplona

Bulls managed to claim a few victims during fastest run yet

(Newser) - Six races down, two to go, and score another one for Pamplona's famed bulls. Two people were gored in today's 8am run, the fastest yet, notes the AP . One person sustained a horn injury to the back, another was wounded in the shoulder, and at least two other... More »

1 Gored in Running of Bulls

6 others also injured, with 6 runs still to go in Pamplona, Spain

(Newser) - A 25-year-old Australian man was gored in the leg and six other people were injured today as daredevils ran with fighting bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. The second of eight mad dashes at Spain's most famous summer festival featured bulls known for being fast and prone... More »

Bull Charges the Stands, Injures 40

Rampage in same region of Spain that hosts Running of the Bulls

(Newser) - A bull leapt into the stands at a bull ring in Spain yesterday, tearing through the crowd and injuring 40 people. He was eventually subdued and killed with the help of an ex-bull fighter who happened to be in the stands, the New York Times reports. While most of the... More »

Bull Gores Matador's Throat

Surgeons struggle for hours to reconstruct mouth

(Newser) - A Spanish matador was struggling to recover today after suffering horrific injuries when a bull's horn entered his throat and exited his mouth. The half-ton bull caught Julio Aparicio under the chin when the matador lost his balance and stumbled while executing a pass in Madrid. Aparicio, 41, was tossed... More »

Top Bullfighter Seriously Gored

Jose Tomas of Spain suffers serious blood loss in Mexico

(Newser) - One of the best-known members of the legendary Spanish bullfighting community was severely gored during a performance yesterday and is in serious condition in a Mexican hospital. Jose Tomas sustained a torn vein and artery when an 1,100-pound bull's left horn drove 4 inches deep into his groin, the... More »

Pamplona Bull Kills Man; First Fatality in 14 Years

(Newser) - A man was gored to death during the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, today—the first fatality at the celebrated festival since 1995. The victim, believed to be British, was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his neck and lung, but doctors failed to resuscitate him. The... More »

Bulls Gore 2, Trample 7 in Pamplona Run

Herder among victims of charging giants

(Newser) - Charging bulls gored two Spaniards and trampled seven during the second of eight bull runs in the San Fermin festival in Pamplona yesterday. One of the men gored was a bull herder appointed by the festival to keep the run orderly. None of the injured was killed, although one was... More »

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