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Latest Weird Web Trend: Stocking

Is it the new owling?

(Newser) - A few months ago, planking —taking pictures of yourself lying down in odd places—was totally in. Then came owling , cone-ing , and Batmanning . Now, all the cool kids (or at least a few of them, at Mashable) are stocking. That means finding a stock photo like the one here... More »

Forget Planking, Owling: 'Horsemaning' Is Here

'Fake beheading' the latest photo trend

(Newser) - Forget planking , cone-ing , and owling : Horsemaning is the new trend when it comes to bizarre photo opportunities. Horsemaning, first made popular in the 1920s, is basically taking a picture where it appears you have been beheaded. The term comes from the "Headless Horseman," reports the International Business Times... More »

Forget Planking, Try Owling

Looks ... fun?

(Newser) - Planking is so over. The bizarre Facebook trend (blamed in the death of a man in May ) of taking a picture while you're lying face down in a weird location has been replaced with "owling." Owling, as the Washington Post explains, is the act of taking... More »

3 Stories