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Logan Paul Gets His First 'Strike' From YouTube

Star hears his fate for posting suicide video

(Newser) - After more than a week, YouTube has revealed the punishment star vlogger Logan Paul will receive for posting a video of a suicide victim in Japan . Paul, who laughed and joked about the dead man during the widely condemned video, will have his channels removed from the Google Preferred platform,... More »

Girls' Team Booted From Finals Over Snapchat Post

Softball team was hours away from playing televised game

(Newser) - Note to the victors: it’s best to keep your gloating off social media. So learned a Virginia softball team about to take the national stage in the televised Junior League World Series, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . The Atlee Little League softball team of Mechanicsville was disqualified from competing after... More »

Cops Threaten Drunk Drivers With Nickelback

It'll be a bonus on the way to jail, Canadian force says

(Newser) - Cops in a small Prince Edward Island town have warned that drunk drivers will be punished with the music of some fellow Canadians: Nickelback. In a Facebook post , the Kensington force warns that they'll be out this holiday season "looking for those dumb enough to feel they can... More »

3 Kids Dumped in Scorching Desert as Punishment: Cops

California mom Mary Bell, boyfriend Gary Cassle arrested on felony child abuse charges

(Newser) - San Bernardino County deputies received a disturbing call Wednesday: Three young children were wandering around a Twentynine Palms-area desert. When they arrived on the scene around 11:30am, one of the hottest parts of the day ( KESQ notes it was around 94 degrees; the New York Daily News says... More »

Toddlers' Sense of Justice Surprises Researchers

They're more interested in making things right than punishing wrongdoers

(Newser) - Preschool justice may be more developed than previously thought. So finds new research published in the journal Current Biology , where 3- and 5-year-olds observed two of four different scenes involving puppets, toys, and cookies. It turns out that not only did the kids sort out pretty quickly whether the "... More »

Gal Who Bailed on Cab Fare Ordered to Take Long Walk

Victoria Bascom pleads guilty, accepts unusual punishment

(Newser) - Make the punishment fit the crime, right? An Ohio woman accepted that very notion when she agreed to walk 30 miles after stiffing a cabbie who took her on a 30-mile taxi ride, the New York Daily News reports. "What would you do if you didn't have a... More »

Study: The Stick Trumps the Carrot

But the stick may not have to be very big

(Newser) - Do people learn better by being rewarded for the right behavior—or punished for doing wrong? A new study offers a harsh answer: The stick beats the carrot. Researchers at Washington University of St. Louis had 88 students perform a challenging task. Some listened to a randomized bunch of clicks... More »

Psychopaths' Brains Don't Register Punishment

Brain scans find striking abnormalities

(Newser) - Psychopaths just don't grasp punishment the way normal people do. So say researchers who used MRI scans to analyze the brains of 12 violent psychopathic criminals, 20 violent criminals who are not psychopaths, and 18 healthy controls who are not criminals. It turns out that the psychopath cohort had... More »

Acid-Thrower in Iran to Have Eyes Gouged Out

Critics say human-rights abuses are escalating in Tehran justice system

(Newser) - A state-run newspaper in Iran reports that a sadistic criminal will get a sadistic punishment. An Iranian court has ruled that a man who poured acid on a girl's face will have his eyes gouged out, says the report in Shraq, as noted by the opposition group National Council... More »

'Idiot' Sign Only Latest in Court Shamings

Cleveland woman has to humiliate herself publicly

(Newser) - A woman caught on camera driving on a sidewalk to pass a Cleveland school bus was ordered this week to hold a sign at the intersection reading, "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." It was the latest example of creative, and... More »

Secret Gitmo Punishment Block Cost $700K

Inmate's lawyer rips 'cruel, prolonged' solitary confinement

(Newser) - A once-secret Guantanamo disciplinary cell block was built for a whopping $700,000, reports the Miami Herald . The existence of "Camp Five-Echo"—intended as a grim punishment section for "uncooperative" detainees—was only confirmed last week, even though it was built by the military in 2007. The... More »

Students Suspended for Tebowing

Administrators say QB impersonators were clogging the hallways

(Newser) - Two students were suspended this week for Tebowing in the hallway of their Long Island high school. The kids were imitating Broncos QB Tim Tebow's touchdown ritual of dropping to one knee in prayer, a pose that has become a nationwide fad. Despite what a few senders of hate... More »

Infants Want Bad Guys to Get It

Suggests the desire is a hardwired human trait

(Newser) - Even at eight months old, we seem to have a desire to see evildoers punished. Researchers showed groups of babies a puppet routine in which one elephant puppet treated a duck puppet well, while another was mean to his puppet peer. In a later scene, a moose puppet rewarded the... More »

Saudi Judge Seeks to Sever Man's Spine

Paralyzed victim wants attacker to suffer the same fate

(Newser) - An eye for an eye—a spine for a spine? A judge in Saudi Arabia has been asking hospitals whether or not they can sever the spinal cord of a man convicted of paralyzing another man in an attack with a cleaver, the AP reports. At least one hospital has... More »

Spanking Makes Kids Aggressive

Docs recommend time-outs rather than corporal punishment

(Newser) - Spanking an unruly child may make a parent feel better in the moment, but the effects on the spank-ee are negative and long-lasting, new research shows. Tulane University scientists looked at 2,500 3-year-olds, waited 2 years, and controlled for other factors that might have influenced their behavior. "The... More »

NBA Suspends Arenas, Crittenton for Season

Pair admitted bringing guns into Washington Wizards locker room

(Newser) - Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were suspended without pay for the remainder of the season—38 games—today by NBA commissioner David Stern, who said guns in the workplace "will not be tolerated." Both admitted taking guns into the Wizards' locker room, a violation of... More »

Female Saudi Journalist Gets 60 Lashes for Sex Show

During episode, man boasted of conquests

(Newser) - A female Saudi journalist has been sentenced to 60 lashes for her involvement in a TV show that featured a man detailing his sexual conquests. The court also banned Rosanna Al-Yami from leaving the country for two years, sources tell CNN. She is believed to be the first Saudi journalist... More »

Poland OKs Chemical Castration for Pedophiles

Controversial new law also covers incest

(Newser) - A new law in Poland will require convicted pedophiles or those who rape family members to undergo chemical castration when their prison term is up. Human rights groups immediately raised objections, but Poland's prime minister isn't budging—he says the criminals in these cases don't qualify as "human,"... More »

Mass. Principal Under Fire for Touting Her Racy Novel

She talked book up to schoolteacher, administrators

(Newser) - A Boston-area grade school principal is on indefinite leave following complaints that she peddled her steamy romance novel on school grounds and reassigned a teacher who criticized her self-promoting ways, the Globe reports. Beth Gannon's self-published book, which follows an engaged woman who reconnects with a past lover, is "... More »

If CIA Gets Pass on Torture, Why Not Lynndie?

Abu Ghraib convict's team cries foul over double standard

(Newser) - Among those infuriated at President Obama's decision to "turn the page" rather than prosecute officials who sanctioned torture at CIA prisons, and agents who conducted it, are supporters of Lynndie England, the jailed “face of the Abu Ghraib scandal.” They agree that her abuse of prisoners was... More »

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