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Fabien Cousteau Breaks Grandpa's Underwater Mark

Grandson emerges after 31 days in lab

(Newser) - Like grandfather, like grandson. Fabien Cousteau emerged onto land yesterday after spending 31 days in an underwater lab off the Florida Keys, reports the Guardian . The mission in the Aquarius Reef Base, located 63 feet below the surface, comes 50 years after grandpa Jacques Cousteau spent 30 days living underwater... More »

Apollo 11 Engines Found on Ocean Floor

Jeff Bezos plans to bring moon rocket engines to surface

(Newser) - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he's discovered the watery resting place of the engines that blasted Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew toward the moon in 1969—and he's not planning on leaving them there. A Bezos Expeditions team found the five F-1 engines at the bottom... More »

Giant Crustacean Found in Ocean Trench

It was like 'finding a foot-long cockroach,' researcher says

(Newser) - Scientists looking for deep-sea life off the coast of New Zealand were amazed when their traps yielded several specimens of a "supergiant" crustacean not seen for decades. The amphipods—sometimes called the "insects of the sea"—were more than 10 inches long, 20 times as big as... More »

Treasure Hunter: I Found $3B Shipwreck

But the British, others have their doubts

(Newser) - Treasure hunter Greg Brooks thinks he's hit pay dirt—or pay ocean, as the case may be. Brooks and his colleagues at the Maine-based Sub Sea Research say they've discovered the remains of a British merchant ship that was sunk by German U-boats off Cape Cod during World... More »

China's Next Frontier: The Deep Sea

Country plans to launch a submersible that can eventually reach 7,000 meters

(Newser) - If you've got a submarine, chances are you're gonna come across a few Chinese flags. Beijing is set to launch a manned submersible on an ultra-deep dive in search of valuable minerals, unseating the US as the leader in the high-stakes world of deep sea exploration. The Jiaolong... More »

5 Stories