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McConnell: I'll Filibuster Gun Control Bill

Plus, Senate Dems are scrambling to decide on which bill to push

(Newser) - A gun control bill—though it's not clear which one—is expected to hit the Senate floor this week , and the latest Republican to threaten it is Mitch McConnell. The minority leader joins a group of GOP colleagues, now numbering 13, who intend to filibuster any gun bill that... More »

Senator: Open Budget Talks or I'll Shut Down Senate

Ron Johnson threatens to block chamber's business

(Newser) - Every senator has the power to bring the chamber's business to a halt, but only freshman Ron Johnson is threatening to use it. The Wisconsin Republican vowed yesterday that he would block "business as usual" in the Senate by withholding his consent for basic procedures unless debt ceiling... More »

Pork Applied Liberally to Grease Health Care Votes

Critics slam Senate bill's special deals for holdouts

(Newser) - A close look at the health bill before the Senate reveals that there was no shortage of pork-barrel spending thrown in to get the Democrats the 60 votes they needed. The "cash-for-cloture" deals include one dubbed the "Louisiana Purchase"—$100 million in Medicare cash for the state.... More »

Health Care Bill Clears Crucial Senate Test

Dems hail first key step in 'historic victory'

(Newser) - A filibuster strategy by Senate Republicans against the health care reform bill was shot down early this morning in a move that clearly signals the measure's likely passage before Christmas. The Senate voted 60-40 for cloture to short-circuit a GOP tactic aimed at killing a package of changes to the... More »

Lieberman Won't Sink Health Reform: Reid

Indy senator promises he'll vote with Dems to end filibuster

(Newser) - Forget all the grandstanding about joining a GOP filibuster of health care reform if it contains any kind of public option: Sen. Joe Lieberman won't do it, Harry Reid tells liberal interest groups, who tell the Hill . He has a deal with the Connecticut Independent, the majority leader claims. Lieberman... More »

Democrats Lose Withdrawal Vote

Republicans hold out against Iraq exit measure

(Newser) - Senate Democrats failed to collect enough votes this morning to pass a bill that would force President Bush to begin pulling troops out of Iraq within 120 days. After a spirited all-night debate, 52 voted in favor of the measure and 47 against, but rules require 60 "yes" votes... More »

6 Stories