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US Panel: OK to Make 3-Parent Embryos —Male Ones

But there are still legal roadblocks to controversial process

(Newser) - A US National Academy of Medicine committee said Wednesday the FDA should approve clinical trials for three-parent fertilization in human embryos—with some caveats, Nature reports. In its report , the committee recommended such trials be limited to women at risk of passing along "serious mitochondrial disease" to their kids,... More »

FDA May Allow Babies With 3 Parents

Observers cite concerns about 'designer babies'

(Newser) - An advisory panel to the FDA is investigating the merits of a technique dubbed "three-parent IVF," a method opponents worry could lead to so-called "designer babies," the Washington Post reports. The method in question aims to help mothers who carry risky DNA mutations—causing blindness or... More »

Genes From Mom Give Females Edge on Long Life

Mutations that hurt males still get passed along

(Newser) - Natural selection usually eliminates the most dangerous mutations in our DNA—but one "loophole" ends up being a raw deal for males, LiveScience notes. It involves mitochondrial DNA, which typically comes entirely from the mother. Over time, moms weed out harmful mutations instead of passing them along to offspring.... More »

Scientists Zero In on Red Wine's Health Secrets

Resveratrol boosts cell power, says study

(Newser) - Scientists have unlocked the mystery of a special ingredient in red wine that could increase lifespan and promote health in humans. The organic compound resveratrol aids the body by jump-starting the activity of mitochondria—the power suppliers of cells, reports the Daily Mail . Resveratrol, which occurs naturally in red wine,... More »

Chocolate as Good as Exercise

Dark chocolate boosts cell mitochondria, researchers find

(Newser) - Some scientists are good enough to eat—like the ones who just published a study saying munching on dark chocolate is as valuable for health as exercise. Researchers have found that a compound found in chocolate—epicatechin—seems to trigger the same muscle response as vigorous activity. ''Aerobic... More »

Does Chocolate Build Muscle?

Scientists say, "sort of"

(Newser) - Can you finally replace your energy bar with a candy bar? Scientists have discovered a connection between chocolate and building muscle, reports the New York Times . Researchers at the University of California in San Diego have found that giving mice a purified form of epicatechin—the main nutritional ingredient of... More »

6 Stories