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EPA Rethinks Hybrid Mileage

And hauls in Ford for special testing

(Newser) - The EPA is taking the unusual step of hauling in Ford's C-Max hybrid for special testing as it reevaluates its rules for determining mileage for next-generation hybrids, USA Today reports. Usually, the EPA lets automakers test their fuel mileage themselves according to its rules, but the agency has had... More »

Hybrids' New Rival: Ye Olde Gas Engine

Conventional cars are giving hybrids a run for their money

(Newser) - Hybrids are gas-sipping wonders, and electric cars may be the green wave of the future, but oil-addicted America's best hope may be ... the conventional gasoline engine, reports the Washington Post . GM, Ford, and Hyundai are now selling cars with conventional engines that get 40mpg or better on the highway, and... More »

Nissan's Leaf: 99MPG (!?)

Feds: Electric car will average $561 a year in electricity

(Newser) - So the Nissan Leaf's efficiency technically isn't measured in gallons, but the feds say it's running at the equivalent of 99 mpg, reports the AP —106 city and 92 highway. The EPA says the Leaf can go about 73 miles on a full charge (that's down from Nissan's estimates... More »

Chevy: Volt Will Get 230mpg Critics: Yeah, Right

(Newser) - GM held a triumphant press conference this morning, announcing that, using newly devised EPA methodology, its 2011 Chevy Volt will get a whopping 230 miles per gallon in city driving, by far the highest fuel efficiency rating ever. No car has ever so much as sniffed 100mpg before; the Prius... More »

Hybrid Owners Put the Pedal to Fuel Efficiency

Prius' real-time feedback alters driving habits to max MPGs

(Newser) - Leaving the bad old days of drag-racing in the dust, greenies are now engaging in their own race for fuel efficiency, reports the Washington Post. With hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius giving up-to-the-second feedback on just how much gas passing that little old lady in the right lane... More »

Cars Must Get 35.7mpg by 2015

Feds toughen fuel standards by 25%

(Newser) - Cars will have to get 35.7 miles per gallon by 2015, and trucks will have to get 28.6 under new standards issued by the federal government today. That means a combined average of 31.6mpg, an increase of 25% from current standards, CNN reports. The feds require automakers... More »

Car Talk Bros Get Animated, Dis Gas-Guzzling Heaps

Click and Clack to star in PBS cartoon, pessimistic Nova episode

(Newser) - NPR’s chuckling Car Talk guys Tom and Ray Magliozzi are about to become even more animated—with a new cartoon series of themselves on PBS. But their view on the heaps they've helped drivers patch up for the past 30 years isn't so funny, Newsweek reports. Click and Clack's... More »

Eco-Vandals Trash Hummer

Attack on $38K gas-guzzler called a 'hate crime'

(Newser) - A 32-year-old man in Northwest DC woke to find his dream car—a $38,000 Hummer—with slashed tires, smashed windows, and a message carved into its body: "FOR THE ENVIRON." In a green-friendly neighborhood dominated by hybrids, two masked eco-extremists decided to punish Gareth Groves by mutilating... More »

8 Stories