Dougherty Gang

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Dougherty Gang's Plan: Flee to Mexico

Sibling trio planned to obtain fraudulent documents: authorities

(Newser) - The “ Dougherty Gang ” had a plan: Rob a Georgia bank, then flee to Mexico. Youngest sibling Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21, was apparently the “mastermind,” a detective says, and came up with the idea the day he was sentenced for sending sexually explicit text messages to an... More »

Prosecutors Nail Dougherty Gang With 20+ Charges

Colorado authorities hold sibling suspects on $1.25 bonds

(Newser) - An alleged cross-country crime spree that climaxed in a dramatic shootout with police took a more lawful turn today as prosecutors filed charges against three gun-toting siblings, The DenverChannel reports. Ryan Edward Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley received 24 and 23 counts, respectively—including attempted murder and first-degree assault—while... More »

Fugitive Sister: 'I Deserved to Get Shot'

Lee Grace Dougherty admits pointing gun at officer

(Newser) - The female member of the fugitive siblings glorified as the Dougherty Gang doesn't sound too upset she caught a bullet in the thigh: "I pointed the gun at the cop," Lee Grace Dougherty told authorities, according to KMGH in Denver. "I deserved to get shot. The... More »

Dougherty Gang's Mom 'Devastated,' Relieved

Her three children face 'a big legal mess'

(Newser) - Barbara Bell, mom to the "Dougherty Gang," says she's relieved her three children have been found but is "devastated" over their string of run-ins with the law. "Thank God they're not tried by the media," the Florida woman says. "They're tried... More »

Fugitive Dougherty Siblings Were Armed With AK-47s

Plus, comments from Lee Grace's fiance

(Newser) - The Dougherty gang's time on the run was the stuff of movies—and the details of the siblings' capture are no less colorful. As reported yesterday , the sister was shot in the leg: It apparently happened as Lee Grace Dougherty ran through a field, armed with an automatic pistol... More »

Fugitive Siblings Caught; Sister Shot

Dougherty clan arrested by Colorado troopers after chase

(Newser) - The Dougherty gang's life on the lam is over. Troopers in Colorado arrested 20-something siblings Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace after a high-speed car chase, reports NBC 9 . Police say they shot the sister in the leg after she pointed a gun at them while trying to flee, but... More »

Fugitive Siblings Sought in Colo.

FBI says Doughertys could be hiding in rural area

(Newser) - Three fugitive siblings are accused of firing 20 or more shots at a Florida cop during an Aug. 2 chase, then robbing a bank in Georgia; now police believe they are on the run in Colorado. A customer at a Colorado Springs REI store called the cops yesterday after spotting... More »

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