Bert and Ernie

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You Must See the New Yorker's DOMA Cover

Bert and Ernie tableau makes headlines

(Newser) - Odds are you have, at some point in your life, made a joke about Bert and Ernie's sexuality. Well, a just-revealed New Yorker cover takes those jokes to the next level, making them downright sweet. Titled "Bert and Ernie's Moment of Joy," the image is intended,... More »

Let Bert and Ernie Stay Single

Backers of gay marriage hate idea: Opinion roundup

(Newser) - An online petition by to have Bert and Ernie get married on Sesame Street is generating lots of buzz but also plenty of criticism—including from those who support same-sex marriage:
  • Nicole Fabian-Weber, the Stir : "Utterly stupid idea." Why? "They're puppets. They bicker, sing
... More »

2 Stories