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Chance Photo Leads to Alleged 'Cave of Skulls' Looters

Thieves sought ancient scrolls for local market, officials say

(Newser) - Trying to steal a comb is one thing—looting a 2,000-year-old comb from an ancient cave is quite another. Israel says it has apprehended a gang of thieves doing the latter from a Judean cave in the same region as the caves that once housed the Dead Sea Scrolls,... More »

Packs of Young Robbers Hit LA Last Night: Police

They're not believed to be connected to Zimmerman protests

(Newser) - A dozen people—all but one of them juveniles—were arrested in Hollywood last night in what, based on the LA Times ' supercharged description, was a pretty apocalyptic scene. The streets were filled with "marauding bands of youths," who roamed about robbing tourists and storefronts, assaulting people... More »

Cameron: We'll Take Gang-Fighting Tips From Boston

Cameron: We will not allow culture of fear on our streets

(Newser) - Pull out the water cannons: It's time to get serious in England's "fight back" operation against rioters and looters, declared Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday. He said "every action" would be taken to restore order in towns hit by violence, including the use of water cannons... More »

3 Stories