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Scientists: We Know Why Sheep Get Sexed Up in Winter

Scientist figure out how melatonin levels affect breeding

(Newser) - "Why do sheep get frisky in winter?" isn't the beginning of a bad joke, but rather the question that jump-started a joint study by researchers at the University of Nottingham and the University of Bristol. The Guardian reports that scientists may now have an answer, one that could... More »

ABC Newsman Switches Back From Female to Male

Don Ellis suspects females hormones led to his confusion

(Newser) - An ABC News editor who announced he was transgender—and wore a little black dress to match—now says a bout of amnesia has made him a man again, the New York Post reports. Don Ellis became a full-time female in May, when he declared his 17-year marriage kaput and... More »

Why Kids Are Getting Transgender Surgery

Many parents, doctors embrace early action

(Newser) - As transgender rights gain more attention, parents and doctors are embracing transgender surgery for children at younger ages—even kids in elementary school, writes Margaret Talbot in the New Yorker . The thinking: Early surgery and puberty-suppressing medication will make kids better-looking and mentally stronger as they change genders. But some... More »

UK Spies Plotted to Feed Hitler Estrogen

They hoped an Adolf 'herr' to 'her' transformation might curb violence

(Newser) - In one of the British forces' wackier schemes to rid the world of Adolph Hitler's violence, secret agents plotted to slip estrogen in the fuhrer's food in a bid to tame his aggression, according to a new book. The estrogen would be tasteless and the transformation gradual as... More »

4 Stories