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Chappelle Rants Against 'White Alcoholic' Hecklers

His 'meltdown' wasn't his fault, comedian says

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle insists his onstage "meltdown" last week wasn't actually his fault, but can be blamed on the awful audience he faced in Hartford, Conn. He went on an expletive-ridden rant about the experience at a Chicago show Tuesday night, TMZ reports. The crowd was "evil" and... More »

Chappelle Freaks Out After 10 Minutes Onstage

Smoked, read audience member's book for remaining 25 minutes, witnesses say

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle is no stranger to meltdowns , and his behavior last night apparently drove that point home. Some 10 minutes into his act in Hartford, the comedian stopped telling jokes and scolded the audience for being too loud ... then spent the next 25 minutes smoking and reading an audience member'... More »

Chappelle to Return in New Show?

Sources say he's trying out new material, planning subscription series

(Newser) - Guess who’s back? According to one insider, Dave Chappelle. The comic is coming back to TV six years after abruptly ditching his top-rated Chappelle’s Show, the source tells the Daily . But you’ll have to pay to get your fix, as he’s planning to team up with... More »

Chappelle Freaks Out Over Plane's Toilet, Forces Landing

Comedian dubbed a 'safety risk' after walking into cockpit

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle's erratic behavior has landed him in the press once more. The comedian reportedly "freaked out" on a private flight from New Jersey to Ohio on Friday; sources say he wouldn't fasten his seat belt, kept walking into the cockpit, and grabbed the pilot's arms at one point,... More »

Chocolate News Could Fill Chappelle Void

Grier counters Comedy Central's 'vanilla' news satires

(Newser) - Comedy Central may have found a Dave Chappelle-worthy replacement in David Alan Grier, Paul Farhi writes in the Washington Post. His Chocolate News is a “wholly inappropriate—and riotiously funny” 60 Minutes-style program in which Grier offers the news in “Lou Dobbsean rant” and mocks such figures as... More »

Chappelle Treated for Exhaustion

Comedian "fine" after weekend hospital visit

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle, the sketch comedian who's famous for finding success stressful, was hospitalized for exhaustion over the weekend. His publicist suggested the comedian’s travel schedule was the reason for an emergency room visit Saturday. In May 2005, Chappelle caused a media uproar when he abruptly walked away from his... More »

6 Stories