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Condi Rice Disses Cheney 'Cheap Shots': I Never Cried

Former secretary of state says she never 'tearfully admitted' anything

(Newser) - Add Condoleezza Rice to the list of people torqued by Dick Cheney's opus: The former secretary of state is taking umbrage to Cheney's assertion that she "tearfully admitted I had been right" that the administration shouldn't apologize over a claim in George W Bush's 2003... More »

Powell Aide: Cheney Fears War Crime Trial

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson slams 'vindictive' memoir

(Newser) - It doesn't look as if the Colin Powell-Dick Cheney feud is going to end any time soon. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Powell's longtime chief of staff, says that Cheney—whose new memoir is sharply critical of Powell—"fears being tried as a war criminal" and "was president... More »

Colin Powell: Cheney Took 'Cheap Shots'

Powell says former VP goes 'too far' in pitching his memoir

(Newser) - Colin Powell fired back at Dick Cheney and his revealing memoir yesterday, calling the former veep's revelations "cheap shots that he's taking at me and other members of the administration who served to the best of our ability for President Bush," reports Politico . In particular, Powell... More »

Cheney Profiting From His Crimes

Obama administration should have prosecuted him, Glenn Greenwald suggests

(Newser) - Lots of countries have laws preventing criminals from profiting from their crimes. “By rather stark contrast, Dick Cheney will prance around the next several weeks in the nation's largest media venues,” touting his new book and debating “whether he was right to invade other countries, torture,... More »

Cheney: I Wanted to Bomb Syria

Former VP discusses his conflicts with Condoleezza, Powell, Tenet

(Newser) - And the revelations from Dick Cheney's new memoir just keep coming: yesterday, news of a secret resignation letter. Today, the New York Times , which obtained a copy of In My Time , reports that Cheney pushed Bush to bomb what the US believed to be a nuclear reactor site in... More »

5 Stories