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Fake Bomb Leads to Arrest of US Man on Flight to Chicago

The 58-year-old was charged with mischief

(Newser) - An American citizen was arrested in Canada on Thursday after airport officials allegedly found a fake bomb in his suitcase, Reuters reports. According to the Toronto Star , 58-year-old Joseph Galaska was charged with mischief and has a hearing Friday. The "mock improvised explosive device" was discovered during a screening... More »

Guy in Mini-Dress Litters Lawn With Fake Explosives

About 40 homes evacuated in standoff with police

(Newser) - When police showed up at David Charles Baker's home yesterday, he was brandishing a shotgun and walking amid what looked like tripwires that were hooked up to propane and gas tanks on his front lawn, while shouting what officers describe as "nonsensical" things, the Salt Lake City Tribune... More »

Ex NYPD Cop Busted for Airport 'Fake Bomb"

He's not talking

(Newser) - A former New York City police detective has been arrested after officials said they found a fake bomb in his carry-on luggage at the Kansas City airport in Missouri, reports ABC News . The device had components of a bomb but not explosives or a detonator, officials said. When security guards... More »

3 Stories