Heather Penney

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Plane Crashes at Reno Air Races; 3 Dead, Scores Injured

Pilot went down near grandstand

(Newser) - As thousands watched in horror, a WWII-era fighter plane competing in a Nevada event described as a car race in the sky suddenly pitched upward, rolled, and did a nose-dive toward the crowded grandstand. The plane, flown by a 74-year-old veteran Hollywood stunt pilot Jimmy Leeward , slammed into the concrete... More »

Odd Twist in Tale of Would-Be 9/11 Kamikaze Pilot

Heather Penney's dad could have been flying United 93

(Newser) - A truly wild footnote to the story about Heather Penney, the F-16 pilot who was willing to give up her life, kamikaze-style , by flying her unarmed jet into United 93 to stop it on Sept. 11: She was potentially willing to sacrifice her father's life, too. The Washington Post... More »

US Pilots Tried Kamikaze Attack on United 93

Then-rookie tells story of how she almost gave her life on 9/11

(Newser) - Heather “Lucky” Penney was a rookie who’d just finished F-16 training on September 11, 2001, but when the attacks hit, she was one of two pilots who took to the air to defend Washington from United 93. There was just one problem: They didn’t have any ammo... More »

3 Stories