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Don't Trust Ron Suskind on Politics

New book on Obama full of dubious claims: Jacob Weisberg

(Newser) - You can’t always believe what you read—especially if it’s written by Ron Suskind. The wide-ranging claims made in Confidence Men , his account of the Obama administration, are as dubious as ever, writes Jacob Weisberg in Slate . “Issues of accuracy, fairness, and integrity come up nearly every... More »

Women Bemoaned 'Hostile Workplace' to Obama

The president then made a conscious effort to improve things

(Newser) - Women felt so frustrated in the early months of the Obama administration, that they eventually complained to the president himself, prompting a November 2009 dinner in which Obama listened to their grievances and vowed to improve things, the Washington Post reports. Female staffers’ discontent is a major point in Ron... More »

White House Hits Back at Confidence Men

Key figures deny harsh quotes, assertions of Obama weakness

(Newser) - The Obama administration is fighting back against allegations from Ron Suskind's coming book Confidence Men that the president's top advisers undermined his authority and ignored his orders, reports Politico . “This is not what I told the author, this is not what I believe, and anyone who knows... More »

3 Stories