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Think Kim Should Pay More Taxes? You're Wrong

Don't punish Kardashian for making money: William McGurn

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian has crossed a line—not by divorcing after just 72 days, but by not paying enough in state taxes. Oh, she pays what she owes to California, William McGurn clarifies—she just doesn’t pay what the Courage Campaign thinks she should . Specifically, this “self-appointed advocacy group”... More »

Taxing Rich Won't Help Middle Class

Government has hurt Americans, not the rich, says Ross Douthat

(Newser) - You can raise taxes on the rich to fight inequality, but that will only "trim the tallest poppies" and won't do anything to help the middle class, says Ross Douthat in the New York Times . "True social mobility and broadly shared prosperity are not so easily achieved,... More »

Rich People Don't Pay Less Taxes Than Secretaries

Some do, but most don't, AP fact check finds

(Newser) - Listening to Barack Obama's speech yesterday , you might have come away with the impression that millionaires everywhere pay less in taxes than their secretaries, as Warren Buffett has oft claimed. But that's hardly the case, according to an AP fact check. The claim relies on the fact that... More »

Hail the Daring New Populist Prez

At long last, a reason to fight, says Dana Milbank

(Newser) - President Obama's debt-reduction tax-the-rich plan may be unrealistic and "highly partisan," but it's thrilling, declares Dana Milbank in the Washington Post . At last, "the president hasn’t conceded the race before the starter’s gun, hasn’t begun a game of strip poker in his... More »

4 Stories