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Andy Rooney: Our 'Lovably Cantankerous Commentator'

Even if he did get mean at times

(Newser) - If Andy Rooney is in the "great beyond," he's probably picking a few bones about "all that harp-playing" and "the long line at the Pearly Gates," Frazier Moore muses for the AP . And why not? It was Rooney's unmistakable style during a 92-year-life... More »

Andy Rooney Dead at 92

60 Minutes commentator delivered final essay last month

(Newser) - Andy Rooney, the curmudgeonly commentator who spent more than 30 years wryly talking about the oddities of life for 60 Minutes, died last night at age 92. Just a month ago, Rooney delivered his last regular essay on the CBS newsmagazine. The network said he died in New York from... More »

Andy Rooney Hospitalized in Serious Condition

Former '60 Minutes' host in serious condition after surgery

(Newser) - Andy Rooney, who delivered his last essay on "60 Minutes" 3 weeks ago, was in the hospital today after developing serious complications following minor surgery. CBS said the 92-year-old writer's condition was stable and, at the request of his family, offered no other information about his medical problems... More »

Andy Rooney Signs Off With One Last Complaint

Rooney finishes '60 Minutes' career with thanks ... mostly

(Newser) - Andy Rooney delivered his 1,097th and final 60 Minutes essay last night, ending a 33-year relationship with the TV newsmagazine. "Not many people in this world have been as lucky as I've been," he said. "I've done a lot of complaining here, but... More »

We'll Miss You, Andy Rooney

'60 Minutes' icon deserves his icon status: Matt Zoller Seitz

(Newser) - Andy Rooney is signing off 60 Minutes this Sunday, and Salon critic Matt Zoller Seitz is sorry to see him go. "Granted, the perception of the CBS pundit as a gasbag who overstayed his welcome isn't unearned," writes Seitz. But Rooney is perhaps "one of the... More »

Andy Rooney Ending Role on 60 Minutes

92-year-old has been contributor since 1978

(Newser) - Curmudgeon wanted: Andy Rooney is calling it quits from 60 Minutes, says CBS . The 92-year-old will announce the move at the end of this Sunday's essay, which the network notes will be No. 1,097 since 1978. Though a network fixture, Rooney has run into repeated criticism that he'... More »

6 Stories