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Mueller Plans to Question the 'Hollywood Madame'

Kristin Davis is close friends with Roger Stone

(Newser) - Next up, the "Hollywood Madame": Robert Mueller's team has told Kristin Davis that they want to sit down and talk, the Washington Post reports. Mueller's people are expected to question Davis—who's known for her pricey 2000s prostitution ring linked to the downfall of Elliot Spitzer—... More »

France's Madame to Rich, Famous Dies at 92

Madame Claude and her 'swans' were a Paris institution in the '60s and '70s

(Newser) - The most famous madame in France—who JFK reportedly once asked for a prostitute that looked like his wife "but hot"—died Saturday at the age of 92, the New York Times reports. Fernande Grudet—more commonly known as Madame Claude—ran a high-class call-girl ring catering to... More »

French PM: OK, No More 'Mademoiselle'

Term will no longer be included on official paperwork

(Newser) - French feminists have successfully done away with the term "mademoiselle." After much uproar over the honorific , PM Francois Fillon has agreed that it should be removed as an option on French paperwork, meaning women will no longer have to choose between "madame" (for married women) and "... More »

'Mademoiselle' Banned in French Town

Now it's 'madame,' whether married or not

(Newser) - There's no equivalent of "Ms." in French—and in one French town, there's no "Miss" anymore, either. The village of 16,500 is banning the use of the title "mademoiselle," long subject to controversy , on official forms; now, all women in Cesson-Sevigne will... More »

French Women: Don't Call Me 'Mademoiselle'

Two groups pushing for 'madame' to be used in all cases

(Newser) - French men get to be "monsieur" their whole lives, and French women would like to stick with a single honorific as well. Jezebel reports on the effort to kill "mademoiselle," a campaign backed by Osez le Feminisme (Dare to be Feminist) and Chiennes de Garde (Watch Bitches).... More »

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