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Chinese Space Station Crashes Back to Earth

Tiangong-1 burned up over the South Pacific

(Newser) - China's plummeting space station crashed to Earth late Sunday without harming any Earthlings: The country's space agency says the Tiangong-1 burned up on re-entry and the remaining debris fell into the southern Pacific Ocean northwest of Tahiti. The US military's Joint Force Space Component Command confirmed the... More »

Defunct Space Station Due to Fall to Earth This Weekend

Tiangong-1 is believed to be out of control

(Newser) - China's defunct and reportedly out-of-control Tiangong 1 space station is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere sometime this weekend. It poses only a slight risk to people and property on the ground, since most of the bus-size, 8.5-ton vehicle is expected to burn up on re-entry, although space... More »

New Prediction for When, Where Space Station Will Crash

Experts say there isn't anything to worry about ... probably

(Newser) - A 9.6-ton Chinese space station will likely crash somewhere on Earth around March, according to a new prediction made Wednesday by Aerospace. And while that sounds terrifying, a member of the team behind the prediction tells the New York Times the Tiangong-1 "most probably will not harm anyone,... More »

Russia and US Are Building a Moon Base

The Deep Space Gateway will orbit the moon

(Newser) - Two words: Moon base. AFP reports the US and Russia will work together on a NASA program to build the Deep Space Gateway, a space station in orbit around the moon. NASA and Russia's Roscosmos signed an agreement to cooperate on the station—which will be "an invaluable... More »

8 Cool Facts on Big Day for International Space Station

It's the 15th anniversary of continuous residency at the ISS

(Newser) - Monday marks the 15th anniversary of continuous residency at the International Space Station, the AP reports. The station was launched in 1998, the BBC reports, and first permanent crew moved in on Nov. 2, 2000. It's planned to be decommissioned in 2020. Eight fun ISS facts to celebrate the... More »

Soyuz Blasts Off for Space Station

New crew launched today from Kazakhstan

(Newser) - An American and two Russians blasted off for the International Space Station from Kazakhstan today in a Soyuz rocket. NASA astronaut Kevin Ford and Russians Oleg Novitsky and Yevgeny Tarelkin will travel for two days before meeting up with US astronaut Sunita Williams, Russia's Yuri Malenchenko, and Japan's... More »

Astronauts Make Space Station Fix With ... Toothbrush

Astronauts, NASA have to make improvised tool

(Newser) - Astronauts pulled a MacGyver in space today when they fixed the $100 billion space station with the help of a $3 toothbrush. An electrical power unit affixed to the station needed replacing, but a stubborn bolt was malfunctioning. NASA engineers and astronauts Sunita Williams and Akihido Hoshide ultimately solved the... More »

SpaceX Capsule Docks at Space Station

Dragon capsule successfully captured by space station astronauts

(Newser) - The privately bankrolled Dragon capsule made a historic arrival at the International Space Station today, triumphantly captured by astronauts wielding a giant robot arm. SpaceX is the first private company to accomplish such a feat: a commercial cargo delivery into the cosmos. "This really is, I think, going to... More »

SpaceX Pulls Successful 'Fly-By' of Space Station

Dragon capsule comes within 1.5 miles in anticipation of docking

(Newser) - So far, so good for SpaceX : Its Dragon capsule came within 1.5 miles of the International Space Station today, in preparation for docking with it tomorrow. The fly-by, performed as the capsule orbited Earth at around 17,000mph, was confirmed by NASA, the Los Angeles Times reports. Now,... More »

China Launches Space Lab to America the Beautiful

Broadcaster blunders at Tiangong-1 launch

(Newser) - Weird. China took its first step toward building a space station last night and while the launch of the unmanned Tiangong-1 space lab went smoothly, there was a major slip-up in the propaganda department. State broadcaster CCTV's launch coverage included an animation of the module docking with a crew... More »

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