Amundsen-Scott South Pole station

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Worker at World's Most Remote Place Needs Rescue

There have only been 2 previous South Pole winter rescues

(Newser) - At least one worker is seriously ill at the US South Pole station, and because it is winter in Antarctica, it would be easier to reach the unidentified person if he or she were anywhere else on the planet—or even on the International Space Station. The worker is one... More »

Seriously Ill US Engineer Could Leave South Pole Soon

Cargo plane may rescue Renee Douceur if Antarctic weather allows

(Newser) - A sick American engineer who has been stranded at the South Pole since late August could be on her way home as soon as Friday. Renee Douceur—who suffered what she initially thought was a stroke but doctors now say may be a brain tumor—hopes to fly out on... More »

After Stroke, South Pole Worker Is Denied Evacuation

US officials say it's too risky to fly out Renee-Nicole Douceur

(Newser) - A compelling story out of the US South Pole station: Manager Renee-Nicole Douceur says she has suffered a stroke and needs to be evacuated for proper treatment, but the National Science Foundation says it won't be safe enough to send in a plane for at least a few more... More »

3 Stories