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Drunk Sergeant Stole a Cargo Plane. So Where Is It?

Seems Paul Meyer flew C-130 into the English Channel

(Newser) - Sgt. Paul Meyer was so homesick in 1969 that he drunkenly stole a military cargo plane and flew it over the English Channel—the last anyone saw of him. Now wreck divers are hoping to find the lost USAF C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and uncover the truth behind what must... More »

Part of Dover's White Cliffs Collapses Into Sea

'Substantial' rockfall, but no one injured

(Newser) - The white cliffs of Dover experienced a "substantial" rockfall today, causing a large section of the cliff face to shear off and collapse into the English Channel. Rain, first freezing and then expanding after being absorbed in the chalk cliffs, may have caused the collapse, the Guardian reports. "... More »

Travel Chaos Continues as Ash Cloud Spreads East

Flights grounded at least 2 more days after Icelandic volcano eruption

(Newser) - The cloud of volcanic ash emanating from Iceland has reached northern Scotland, and the aviation disruption caused by the floating debris will continue for at least 2 more days, the Times of London reports. Thousands of flights have been grounded, crippling airline schedules around the world, and now health concerns... More »

Spaniel Chases Bird Off 300-Foot Cliff, Lives

Poppy on the mend after plunge into ocean off England

(Newser) - Poppy the springer spaniel is on the mend after chasing a seagull over a cliff and right into the English Channel. Despite suffering a partially collapsed lung, the dog swam to shore beneath the "Seven Sisters" chalk cliffs on the East Sussex coast and awaited the arrival of a... More »

Ship Vanishes From English Channel

Secret cargo of drugs or arms may be behind maritime mystery

(Newser) - The Russian navy has deployed warships and submarines in search of a cargo ship that mysteriously disappeared from European waters, the Telegraph reports. The Russian crew of the Arctic Sea, which was transporting a load of timber worth nearly $2 million, reported being attacked by pirates in Swedish waters on... More »

US Scavengers Spot Legendary Warship

Tons of gold coins could be on board sunken British warship

(Newser) - A US company has found a prized, 18th century British warship that may be worth millions, the BBC reports. Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration says it has spotted the HMS Victory, a man-o-war that sank in the English Channel in 1744 and has been sought by scavengers ever since. "Very... More »

Daredevil Crosses Channel by Jetpack

Swiss daredevil "Fusionman" takes ten minutes to cross

(Newser) - Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy—or as he’s known, Fusionman—crossed the English Channel with a single jet-propelled wing strapped to his shoulders, reports the UK Times. Rossy began the trip by jumping from a plane 8,200 feet over Calais, France, then zoomed to Britain in less than 10... More »

Tunnel Fire Halts English Channel Trains

More than 30 passengers evacuated after blaze starts on truck; injuries are minor

(Newser) - More than 30 people were evacuated today when a fire broke out in a truck being transported by train in the tunnel beneath the English Channel, the Times of London reports. Injuries were minor—“smoke inhalation and minor cuts and bruises,” one official said, but all trains have... More »

A Megaflood Made England an Island

Sonar shows Channel carved violently; bridge to continent cut

(Newser) - England became an island as a result of a massive flood that tore through a land bridges to France 400,000 years ago, a study of  high-resolution sonar images of the bottom of the English Channel shows. The torrent of water and boulders carved the cliffs of Dover, and left... More »

9 Stories