Mary Anne Huntsman

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Kris Humphries Once Dated ... Huntsman Daughter

Too bad he ended up marrying Kim Kardashian instead

(Newser) - Today in Completely Random Celebrity Couplings: Kim Kardashian ex Kris Humphries once went on a date with Jon Huntsman’s daughter, Mary Anne . Her sister, Liddy, reveals that little tidbit in a new GQ profile, to a horrified reaction ("Liddy!" says Mary Anne). Humphries was playing for the... More »

Huntsman Girls Sing GOP Version of 'SexyBack'

Apologies to Justin Timberlake

(Newser) - There really are no words for this, but we'll try: Jon Huntsman's daughters are back, with another foray into the world of YouTube videos (this time sans mustaches ) spotted by Politico . This time they're singing, doing their best 2012-flavored rendition of Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack.... More »

Huntsman Daughters Parody Cain's Smokin' Ad

Strange camera angles, bad tilt-shift, just like original spot

(Newser) - First Jon Huntsman's daughters made a splash on Twitter , thanks to their tactical deployment of wit and snark. Now they're taking to YouTube , featuring a parody of the infamous "smoking man" video put out earlier in the week by Herman Cain's campaign manager, Mark Block, reports... More »

Jon Huntsman Daughters Find Voice on Twitter

They defend dad, ask Mitt Romney's son to pizza party tailgate

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman's daughters seemed to have raised their Twitter profile in a big way following last night's debate. (Sample Politico headline: "Huntsman girls gone wild".) That might be stretching things a bit, but Mary Anne, 26, Abby, 25, and Liddy, 23, clearly had some fun, notes... More »

4 Stories