Tim Huelskamp

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Shutdown Deal Near—With Minor ObamaCare Tweaks

House GOPers slam 'Senate surrender caucus'

(Newser) - After talks that lasted late into the night, Senate lawmakers sound hopeful that they might soon be part of a fully functioning country again. "We've made tremendous progress," said Harry Reid, hinting that a bipartisan deal could be unveiled after he and Mitch McConnell powwow with their... More »

Buffett: I Made $63M Last Year, Should Pay More

He paid about $7M in federal income tax

(Newser) - Warren Buffett got back in the public fray over taxes today with a letter to GOP congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas. Highlights:
  • Buffett wrote that his adjusted gross income last year was $62.8 million and his taxable income was $39.8 million. He paid $6.9 million in federal
... More »

2 Stories