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Occupy Oakland Tussles Over Vacant Lot

But police kick them out again

(Newser) - Occupy Oakland protesters are having trouble staying in one place. Kicked out of their original encampment , they moved to a vacant lot that's in foreclosure this week. Now police have driven most of the Occupiers off that space, too, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Some 200 protesters took over... More »

Rubble Raisers: Banks Demolishing Scores of Homes

Communities urge demolition and land donation to reuse property

(Newser) - The economic crunch is sprouting vacant lots across the nation—and some communities think that's a good thing. Banks, encouraged by government officials, are changing the US landscape by bulldozing scores of foreclosed homes—at a cost of some $7,500 a pop—and donating the cleared land to... More »

2 Stories