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Anti-Islamist Party Wins Tunisia Election

'Tunisia Calls' party has ties to pre-Arab Spring regime

(Newser) - A liberal party with ties to the deposed regime has taken the most seats in Tunisia's parliamentary elections, leaving the once-dominant Islamists running a close second. The Nida Tunis—"Tunisia Calls"—party, running on an explicitly anti-Islamist platform, took 85 of the 217 seats in the Tunisian... More »

Tunisia Prime Minister Resigns Amid Crisis

This does not mean the 'failure of the revolution,' he says

(Newser) - Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali announced his resignation today, making good on his promise to step down if he failed to resolve the country's political crisis. "I promised and assured that, in the event that my initiative failed, I would resign as head of the government, and that... More »

As Tunisia Simmers, PM Moves to Dissolve Govt.

Leading party's headquarters set on fire amid protests

(Newser) - As Tunisia grapples with protests following the killing of an opposition leader , the prime minister has moved to dissolve the Islamist government, calling for new elections, Reuters reports. Technocrats would run the government in the meantime, says PM Hamadi Jebali—who will keep his job—citing a "failure of... More »

First Assassination Since Arab Spring Rattles Tunisia

Opposition leader Chokri Belaid shot outside home

(Newser) - A Tunisian opposition leader was shot and killed outside his home today, in the nation's first assassination since the Arab Spring. Chokri Belaid, among the leaders of the leftist Popular Front coalition, was outspoken against the Ennahda party, which leads the country as part of a three-party coalition, the... More »

In Tunisia, Islamist Victory Scores Big for Democracy

Islamism has become a democratic force: Noah Feldman

(Newser) - At first glance, it might seem that Islamists’ success in Tunisia’s election is a blow for democracy because the revolution that led to the election was secular. But the truth is that “the first leaders of a revolution are rarely a perfect sample of the broader population that... More »

Tunisia Election Protests Turn Violent

Islamist party officially declared winners

(Newser) - A moderate Islamist party has been declared the official winner of the Arab Spring's first election. The Ennahda Party did even better in Tunisia's first elections for decades than predicted as polls closed , winning than 41% of the vote and 90 seats in the new 217-seat parliament. But... More »

Islamists Claim Victory in Tunisia Vote

Once-banned party Ennahda leading in many constituencies

(Newser) - A moderate Islamist party has claimed victory in Tunisian elections today with at least 30% of the vote, the AP reports. If they win, the Ennahda party will guide the nation's 217-seat constituent assembly in choosing a new government and writing a new constitution. More than 90% of registered... More »

An Arab Spring First: Tunisia Votes

But many parties face accusations of shady financing

(Newser) - With Tunisians voting today in the Middle East's first elections since the dawn of the Arab Spring, analysts and citizens alike are looking to the vote for a sense of where Tunisia and democracy in the region might be heading, reports the AP . Tunisia's 7.5 million voters... More »

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