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Illinois School Refuses to Drop 'Midget' Name

Freeburg Midgets will remain as such

(Newser) - Athletes at a southern Illinois high school will keep the nickname Freeburg Midgets, despite the objections of a group representing people with dwarfism who find the name offensive. About 500 people gathered at the Freeburg Community High School late yesterday to urge the school board not to dump the mascot.... More »

Mini-Mammoth Discovered on Crete

Adult mammoth the size of modern-day baby elephant

(Newser) - A "mini-mammoth" the size of a baby elephant has been identified on the island of Crete. Mammuthus creticus is the tiniest mammoth ever found, and is another example of "dwarfism" on islands, where scare resources can keep animals small, notes the Telegraph . Fossilized teeth of the three-foot-tall mammoth... More »

Lifting Dwarf-Toss Ban Would Help 'Drunk Bullies'

Politician claims 'abusive, degrading' activity would be good for jobs

(Newser) - A Florida legislator is pushing the state to repeal its 22-year-old ban on "dwarf tossing"—throwing a person with dwarfism, often against a Velcro wall and usually done by drunks at a bar. Rep. Ritch Workman says he is doing it for the "freedom" of little people,... More »

3 Stories