Richard Muller

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Koch-Funded Climate Skeptic: Oops, Humans Are to Blame

Richard Muller now believes man is 'almost entirely' at fault

(Newser) - Physicist Richard Muller co-founded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project three years ago to debunk global warming fears, even getting a hefty grant from the conservative Koch brothers for his work. Last fall, he backtracked a bit , admitting the evidence for global warming was solid, but denying you could prove... More »

Climategate Debunked, Media Pounces on ... McRib?

Cable news cares more about McDonald's, he complains

(Newser) - When climate scientists were accused of massaging data in 2009, cable news networks pounced on the "Climategate" story, offering up a slew of talking heads to declare global warming a hoax, Jon Stewart noted last night. A new independent study, however—funded in part by none other than the... More »

2 Stories