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The Third-Party Movement Is Dead—as Is Our System

Dana Milbank on why Americans Elect failed

(Newser) - Americans Elect , the movement to select a third-party presidential candidate, started off so ambitiously, hoping to fix our broken two-party system by recruiting someone exciting to challenge President Obama and the eventual GOP nominee. The only problem? No one on its massive "dream team" of potential candidates—people... More »

Worst Idea of the 2012 Election Is ...

Gail Collins: Americans Elect is deeply 'delusional'

(Newser) - If the worst new political trend isn't super PACs or Donald Trump robo-calls, what could it possibly be? "Since I still have some space here, let me throw in a plug for the terribleness of the idea of Americans Elect ," writes Gail Collins in the New York ... More »

Americans Elect on Ballot in 17 States and Counting

Third party continues push to get in all 50 states

(Newser) - Americans Elect may not have a presidential candidate or a platform, but the upstart third party continues to grow: It's now assured of appearing on the presidential ballot in 17 states, with 18 more well on the way, reports the AP . Come November, it expects to be in all... More »

Will Olympia Snowe Join Third-Party Ticket?

Sounds like she could be a candidate for Americans Elect: Jonathan Chait

(Newser) - What's Olympia Snowe up to? Her surprise decision to retire from the Senate came with what Jonathan Chait at New York magazine sees as an "unusually specific" statement about her desire to try to fix DC's partisan ways. "I intend to help give voice to my... More »

GOP's Roemer Mounts Indie Run

He'll jump into fray with Americans Elect and Reform Party

(Newser) - A GOP candidate is dropping out of the presidential primary race—not that most people ever knew he was in it. Buddy Roemer is ending his long-shot GOP bid , and exchanging it for an even longer-shot independent bid, the former Louisiana governor announced today. "I have decided to take... More »

New Third Party Looks to Join Primary Fray

Online voters can pick anyone—even if they don't want to run

(Newser) - A new “virtual third party” is hoping to shake up the 2012 presidential race with an unconventional process: It’s holding a non-partisan online primary, in which voters can “draft” any candidate they want. The group, dubbed Americans Elect, says it’s got the funds to put the... More »

6 Stories