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Pastor's Lavish Buy Has Jaws Dropping

Pastor John Gray got his wife a Lamborghini

(Newser) - "You light my fire, let this Lamborghini light your fire, baby." So said Pastor John Gray when he gave his wife a Lamborghini Urus last Sunday—a gesture that sparked some criticism of his spending habits, the Houston Chronicle reports. But Gray, an associate pastor at Joel Osteen'... More »

Lawsuit: Let Me Preach on Bourbon Street at Night

New Orleans currently forbids it

(Newser) - A street preacher is challenging an ordinance in New Orleans that restricts religious or political speech on the city's famous, raucous Bourbon Street after dark. In his federal lawsuit, New Orleans pastor Paul Gros claimed the city's "aggressive solicitation" ordinance sets unconstitutional limits on free speech. Gros... More »

Official Seeks Ban on 'Kick in the Face' Preacher

Todd Bentley says Holy Spirit moves him to violence

(Newser) - What to do with a tattooed evangelist who tries to cure people by kicking them in the face? Todd Bentley, a Canadian based in the US, plans to tour the UK this month—but Labour MP Malcolm Wicks says no way, the Daily Mail reports. "His visit can do... More »

'Serpent Pastor' Dies of Snake Bite

Mack Wolford believed faith compelled him to face the risk

(Newser) - A West Virginia Pentecostal pastor who used poisonous snakes during religious services has died of a rattlesnake bite. Mack Wolford, who just turned 44, was killed by a snake he had owned for years, reports the Washington Post. He was bitten during an outdoor service at a state park he... More »

Preacher's Spanking Book Linked to 3 Child Deaths

Tenn. minister Michael Pearl urges using a switch on babies

(Newser) - The deaths of three children have been linked to parents who reportedly own a popular but controversial spanking book by a Tennessee preacher. The book, To Train Up a Child, by Michael Pearl of the No Greater Joy Ministry, promotes using a switch on babies as young as 6 months... More »

5 Stories