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Teens in Hot Water Over Polar Bear Selfie

Toronto students hopped a fence to see cub up close

(Newser) - Today's adventures in ill-advised selfies involves a polar bear, but fortunately it doesn't end the way you think it might. As the Toronto Star explains, it happened during a high school field trip to the Toronto Zoo, when two students hopped a barrier to get closer to a... More »

Female Splits Up 'Gay' Penguins

It's definitely over for Toronto Zoo's Buddy and Pedro

(Newser) - The penguin love affair dubbed "Brokeback Iceberg" by Jimmy Kimmel is now definitely over. Pedro and Buddy, the "gay" African penguins the Toronto Zoo decided to split up last month , are now both more interested in females, the BBC reports. Buddy, who shared a nest with Pedro for... More »

'Gay' Penguins to Be Split Up at Zoo

Officials want Buddy, Pedro to mate with females

(Newser) - A pair of "gay" penguins will be split up by the Toronto Zoo so that they can have chicks—with females. The so-far inseparable males “will be put in with a specific female so they have the chance to get to know one another, and if they bond,... More »

3 Stories