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FBI: Bunker of 'America's Most Wanted' Perp Found

Bradley Steven Robinett, 46, apparently set up shop near a lake in Washington state

(Newser) - Using clues that "read almost like a childhood treasure hunt," local police and federal agents have uncovered what they believe was a fugitive's underground bunker near Washington's Lake Sammamish, KOMO reports. Authorities say they think the moldy, garbage-strewn hideout was at some point built and used... More »

Hunt Is On for Fugitive Treasure-Hunter's Loot

Investors want bounty worth millions they say Tommy Thompson got on 'Ship of Gold'

(Newser) - Deep-sea treasure hunter Tommy Thompson made headlines in 1988 when he found the legendary "Ship of Gold" (aka the USS Central America) shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina, which sank to the ocean floor with thousands of pounds of gold in 1857. Now he's in the news... More »

'One of Most Intelligent Fugitives Sought' Is Found

Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson found in a Boca Raton Hilton

(Newser) - A treasure hunter locked in a legal battle over one of the greatest undersea hauls in American history has been arrested in Florida after more than two years on the lam, authorities said today. The US Marshals Service tracked Tommy Thompson to a Hilton hotel in West Boca Raton and... More »

Florida Fugitive Caught After 37 Years in Mexico

Somebody finally turned 81-year-old in

(Newser) - The law has caught up with a former Florida resident a mere 37 years after he failed to surrender for a 10-month prison sentence. Robert Woodring, now 81, was ordered to surrender in October 1977 after being found guilty of moving a yacht so federal authorities couldn't seize it,... More »

Crowd Taunts Captured Fugitive Frein

He is arraigned in Pennsylvania on murder charges

(Newser) - As officers led newly captured fugitive Eric Frein from a courthouse in Pennsylvania today, the New York Times reports that they stopped for a moment as if to give the 150 or so bystanders a good look. Shouts of "Rot in hell," "You're not a real... More »

Cops Find Tuna, Ramen Left by Fugitive Survivalist

Troopers say they're closing in on Eric Frein

(Newser) - Accused cop killer Eric Frein continues to elude authorities in the mountains of Pennsylvania, but police think his task just got a lot harder: He left behind a stash of tuna, ramen noodles, clothes, and ammo at a campsite, reports NBC News . “I would surmise we pushed him out... More »

Cops Find 2 Pipe Bombs in Hunt for Survivalist

Authorities say Eric Frein is making 'significant mistakes' in woods of Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Authorities on the trail of suspected trooper-killer Eric Frein have found diapers , cigarettes, and now two pieces of evidence with more sinister overtones: two fully functional pipe bombs, reports the Scranton Times-Tribune . Pennsylvania police, however, say Frein never got a chance to deploy the bombs because they were "hastily... More »

Fugitive Missing 14 Years Found in Nepal

Neil Stammer had been living in Nepal since 2006

(Newser) - A New Mexico man who fled sex abuse and kidnapping charges 14 years ago has been returned following his capture in Nepal, according to the FBI. Neil Stammer, 47, arrived this afternoon at the Albuquerque International Sunport and is now in custody, awaiting charges. Authorities say a federal arrest warrant... More »

Police Find 21-Year Fugitive on Facebook

He'd been wanted on tax charges since 1992

(Newser) - And now, yet another reminder that for criminals, Facebook doesn't pay. Francisco R. Legaspi was indicted yesterday in California on charges of failing to appear, after spending 21 years evading his tax-evasion charges, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Legaspi was originally charged in 1992 with aiding in the presentation... More »

Fugitive's Home for 18 Years: Key West Houseboat

Michelle Singleton was living as Catherine Harris

(Newser) - Michelle Singleton had a seemingly enviable life in Key West, Florida—that is, until police knocked on the door of her houseboat on Friday and took her into custody, 18 years after she was convicted of payroll check fraud. Singleton had skipped town in 1996, leaving Kansas City, Mo., before... More »

Military Fugitive Who Escaped in 1977 Caught

James Robert Jones fled Fort Leavenworth, landed in Florida

(Newser) - A convicted murderer who escaped prison and made a new life for himself in Florida is back in custody after 37 years, reports AP . James Robert Jones murdered a fellow Army private and got sentenced to 23 years at the military's maximum security prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas... More »

Fugitive Child Rapist Caught After Week on Run

Eric Hartwell escaped in Denver and was arrested in Virginia

(Newser) - A child rapist who escaped from custody in Denver last week made it across the country before being captured today, reports CNN . Eric Hartwell apparently cut off his ankle monitor and fled a halfway house, reports Fox 31 Denver . Authorities finally caught up with the 51-year-old at a motel in... More »

Woman Captured After Escaping Prison—in 1977

Judy Lynn Hayman caught, 36 years later

(Newser) - Judy Lynn Hayman has finally been caught ... more than 36 years after she escaped from a Michigan prison. Hayman, who was then 23 and serving a 16- to 24-month sentence for attempted larceny, fled the Huron Valley Correctional Facility on April 14, 1977. She had served 10 months of her... More »

Fugitive's Remains Likely Found— 2K Miles Away

Dennis 'Slick' Lilly escaped from a Missouri prison 27 years ago

(Newser) - Authorities in Washington say they believe they've found the remains of a fugitive who escaped from a Missouri prison 27 years ago. The Everett Herald reports Dennis "Slick" Lilly stole a prison guard's uniform and walked right out of the prison, where authorities believe he met up... More »

Wanted Man Posts Mugshot, Gets Captured Immediately

Anthony James Lescowitch shared police department's post

(Newser) - Note to those wanted by police: If your goal is not to get caught, it's probably not a good idea to "share" your mugshot on Facebook after the police department posts it . That's what Anthony James Lescowitch did Monday, police say; not surprisingly, the move led to... More »

Knox: I'm Willing to Become a 'Fugitive'

'I will not willingly submit myself to injustice'

(Newser) - If convicted again of murder , Amanda Knox says she won't willingly return to Italy to face punishment; instead, she told an Italian journalist, "I will be—how do you put it?—a fugitive," the Guardian reports. The reporter, Meo Ponte, who interviewed her over Skype, has previously... More »

'Dead' Banker: My Family Had No Idea I Was Alive

Aubrey Lee Price had apparently been homeless, took odd jobs for cash

(Newser) - A routine traffic stop on Tuesday in Georgia ended Aubrey Lee Price's time on the run, and what happened during his days as a fugitive became a little more clear on Thursday. That's when Price, 47, appeared in federal court over allegations that he embezzled $21 million from... More »

70-Year-Old Escapee Caught After 36 Years

California inmate was living under new name in Arkansas

(Newser) - Had he stayed put in state prison after being convicted of armed robbery in 1973, Michael Morrow would likely be a free man by now. Instead, the 70-year-old is back behind bars after 36 years as a fugitive, reports the OC Weekly . Morrow escaped from the California prison at Chino... More »

Fugitive Headed Back to UK After Poolside Arrest

Andrew Moran dramatically escaped during his 2009 trial

(Newser) - The last fugitive on a UK Crimestoppers hit list has agreed to be extradited back to Britain, after an arrest almost as dramatic as his original escape. Police captured convicted machete-wielding robber Andrew Moran while he was relaxing poolside with his girlfriend at a luxury villa in Spain, the Telegraph... More »

New York Shuts Down Subway Over Teen Fugitive

17-year-old was busted for stealing jewelry from old ladies

(Newser) - New York shut down four of its subway lines for at least an hour today in pursuit of a fleeing suspect. What sort of dangerous fugitive prompted this manhunt? A barefoot 17-year-old who had allegedly been stealing jewelry from old ladies. Police were leading Vincens Vuktilaj out of his apartment... More »

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