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S&P Downgrades Spanish Debt

Nears junk status amid bailout debate

(Newser) - The Spanish government's dilemma over whether to request a European bailout has become more acute following a downgrade of the cash-strapped country's credit rating. Standard & Poor's late yesterday cut its rating on Spain's debt by two notches to BBB-, just a step above junk status,... More »

S&P Downgrades Credit Ratings of Top US Banks

Standard & Poor's applies new criteria to banks around the world

(Newser) - Standard & Poor's is adjusting the ratings on 37 of the world's largest financial institutions, and that means downgrades for the biggest banks in the US. Bank of America and its main subsidiaries were among those cut at least one notch today, along with Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan... More »

Now France's Rating May Be Cut

S&P may switch outlook on Triple-A rating to negative

(Newser) - Is there no nation with sound credit? Standard & Poor's is now considering changing the outlook for France's triple-A rating to negative within the next 10 days, signaling a possible downgrade, the French financial newspaper La Tribune reported yesterday. France is the last cushion between crumbling European economies... More »

3 Stories