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Amid Chaos, Egypt's Parties Hold Rare Sit-Down

Country's top religious scholar gets call for unity, but no concrete action

(Newser) - Egyptians saw a shockingly rare sight today: The leaders of their country's fractured and feuding political parties actually sitting across the table from one another. In a meeting brokered by Egypt's most influential Islamic scholar, Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayyeb, leaders from both Egypt's secular opposition and its... More »

Morsi's Power Grab Sparks Protests, Fires

Clashes erupt among tens of thousands of demonstrators

(Newser) - At least 16 people have been hurt as tens of thousands protest Mohamed Morsi's assumption of new powers in Egypt. Responding to the Egyptian leader's self-proclaimed immunity to judicial review, demonstrations broke out in Cairo and across the country, Bloomberg reports; protesters set fire to Muslim Brotherhood political... More »

Muslim Brotherhood: We Won 40% in Latest Vote

Egyptian party worries final tally won't be accurate

(Newser) - The Muslim Brotherhood says it fared even better in the second round of Egyptian voting than the first. The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, which bagged 37% in the first round , claimed today it secured about 40% of votes in the second. The party, shortened as FJP, also said... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Egypt's Military Rulers

Group accuses military of trying to undercut civilian authority

(Newser) - Trouble is brewing between the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's interim military rulers. The Islamist group, which is expected to dominate the country's next parliament , accuses the military of trying to undercut the new parliament's authority and interfere with the drafting of a new constitution, the New York ... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Says No to 'Islamist Government'

They won't team up with the Salafis' Al Nour party

(Newser) - Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood put the kibosh on speculation that its Freedom and Justice Party would team up with the ultraconservative Salafi movement’s Al Nour party to dominate Egypt’s new parliament. The Freedom and Justice party issued a statement yesterday denying an “alleged alliance” that would form... More »

5 Stories