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Islamists Win Final Vote in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood garners nearly half of vote

(Newser) - Final results today showed that Islamist parties won nearly three-quarters of the seats in parliament in Egypt's first elections since the ouster of authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak, according to election officials and political groups. The Islamist domination of Egypt's parliament has worried liberals and even some conservatives about... More »

Islamists Win 61% of Egypt Vote

Muslim Brotherhood, Nour parties dominate election

(Newser) - Islamist parties captured an overwhelming majority of votes in the first round of Egypt's parliamentary elections, setting up a power struggle with the much weaker liberals behind the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak 10 months ago. Official results released today show that, as indicated by preliminary results ,the Muslim... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Says No to 'Islamist Government'

They won't team up with the Salafis' Al Nour party

(Newser) - Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood put the kibosh on speculation that its Freedom and Justice Party would team up with the ultraconservative Salafi movement’s Al Nour party to dominate Egypt’s new parliament. The Freedom and Justice party issued a statement yesterday denying an “alleged alliance” that would form... More »

3 Stories