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In Northern Mali, al-Qaeda Building Its Own Country

Extremist groups took over the area after coup

(Newser) - Since the military coup in Mali earlier this year, al-Qaeda's influence in the African nation has increased—to the point that northern Mali, the largest territory held by the terror group, is now basically al-Qaeda's own country. The AP takes an extensive look, describing the elaborate series of... More »

Routed Elsewhere, al-Qaeda Thrives in Sahara

Terror group's move into Africa mirrors old Afghanistan strategy

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda may be on its last legs in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan , but the extremist group is doing better than ever in Africa, growing steadily since 2006—thanks to good community relations and steady handouts of cash, candy, medical aid, and other necessities, reports the AP . Al-Qaeda in... More »

2 Stories