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5 Saudis Got in Trouble in US. All Vanished Before Trial

Oregon newspaper finds a troubling pattern

(Newser) - Last month, the Oregonian wrote about a young Saudi Arabian man charged in a fatal hit-and-run in Portland who disappeared before his trial began . A mysterious black SUV showed up at his house one day and spirited him off, and the best guess of prosecutors is that the government of... More »

After Relocation Fails, Oregon Kills Sea Lions

State is trying to protect trout species

(Newser) - Oregon wildlife officials have started killing California sea lions that threaten a fragile and unique type of trout in the Willamette River, a body of water miles inland from the coastal areas where the massive mammals usually congregate to feed. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife obtained a federal... More »

Tragedy in Treacherous Waters Featured on Deadliest Catch

Crabbing vessel capsizes, killing all 3 onboard

(Newser) - A commercial crabbing boat capsized in rough waters off the Oregon coast this week, killing the three men aboard and sending a shock wave through a seafaring community already struggling from a monthlong delay to the annual crabbing season. The Coast Guard said the vessel, the Mary B. II, overturned... More »

Alleged Theft at Cop Station Goes as Well as You'd Expect

Would-be bike thief caught within seconds: police

(Newser) - The words "Gladstone Police" printed in large letters on a window next to a bicycle rack wasn't enough of a deterrent for an alleged thief, whom Oregon officers accuse of trying to steal a bike right from under their noses. A surveillance video shared Monday on Facebook —... More »

Hotel Calls Cops on 'Trespassing' Black Guest

He says guard confronted him in lobby

(Newser) - In what the hotel's manager is calling a "misunderstanding," a black guest was kicked out of a hotel in Portland, Ore., after a security guard confronted him in the lobby. In a series of Instagram posts , Jermaine Massey says he sat down in a quiet area of... More »

'Messy,' Murderous Story of John Ackroyd Comes to an End

The conclusion of the Oregonian/OregonLive's five-part series

(Newser) - If you've been following the five-part story of John Ackroyd , its conclusion might leave you hanging. Noelle Crombie knows that. "This is a messy story with loose ends and unanswered questions," she writes for the Oregonian/OregonLive . Part V opens with Ackroyd in 1993 going to trial for... More »

He Showed Up Covered in Dried Blood, With an Odd Story

Part IV of the Oregonian/OregonLive's series on John Ackroyd

(Newser) - It was a bizarre scene that went unmentioned to authorities for years: Two workers at the state highway shop in Sweet Home, Oregon, saw John Ackroyd pull in uncharacteristically late one night in 1992. The state highway mechanic would swap his truck for a state vehicle at the shop, and... More »

It Was the Salmon or the Sea Lions. The Senate Has Chosen

Bill passes that streamlines process for sea lions to be captured, euthanized

(Newser) - A bill that would make it easier to kill sea lions that feast on imperiled salmon in the Columbia River has cleared the US Senate. State wildlife managers say rebounding numbers of sea lions are eating more salmon than ever and their appetites are undermining billions of dollars of investments... More »

His Stepdaughter Vanished. What He Said Was Disturbing

Part III of the Oregonian/OregonLive's series on John Ackroyd

(Newser) - John Ackroyd was no stranger to Oregon police, or even to the district attorney in Jefferson County: The state highway mechanic had been accused of a 1977 rape and a suspect in a 1978 murder , both of which took place near Highway 20. Then, in 1990, his name surfaced again.... More »

A Runner Went Missing, Then 'Tantalizing Coincidences'

Part II of the Oregonian/OregonLive's series on John Ackroyd

(Newser) - Oregon's Highway 20 was John Ackroyd's professional stomping grounds: The state highway mechanic spent his days along the often remote road. He was there on Dec. 24, 1978, the morning Kaye Turner went missing while on an 8-mile run. She and her husband were on a holiday vacation... More »

Police Didn't Believe Her. It Was a Fatal Mistake

Part I of the 'Oregonian'/OregonLive's investigation into John Ackroyd

(Newser) - Dead men tell no tales, and John Ackroyd is dead. So the Oregonian /OregonLive is going to do the telling for him. Its five-part series "Ghosts of Highway 20" is the result of a years-long investigation into a man who died in 2016 while serving time for one woman'... More »

This Story of a Lost 6-Year-Old Ended Differently

Cody Sheehy saved himself in 1986

(Newser) - In 1986, a 6-year-old got lost in the Oregon woods. He was found 18 hours later. On the surface, that doesn't seem like much of a story (compared to, say, this ), but what makes Cody Sheehy's ordeal different is that "he saved himself," as Emma... More »

Big Lawsuit Emerges Over Fatality in Vintage Tank

Shell explosion in Oregon killed Steve Preston, young assistant

(Newser) - Oregon's Steve Preston died in 2015 while doing one of his favorite things: firing old shells from a World War II-era tank on a firing range. His death came when one of those shells misfired, and now his family is seeking almost $13 million in a lawsuit from the... More »

Happy Ending for Kitten Found Glued to Road

'Sticky' finds forever home with rescuer

(Newser) - There's no more appropriate name for Chuck Hawley's new kitten than "Sticky." The tiny furball, thought to be no more than 8 weeks old, was stuck in the middle of a road, covered in glue, when Oregon's Hawley spotted it while traveling from Silverton to... More »

Couple That Just Moved to US Swept to Sea by Wave

Miaochan Chen and Wenjun Zhu's daughter is unharmed

(Newser) - A 10-year-old girl who moved to Oregon from China with her parents in July now finds herself an orphan following a freak accident along the coast. ABC News reports that Miaochan Chen, 49, and Wenjun Zhu, 41, had a picnic with their daughter on Sunday then walked to some rocks... More »

Dog Saves Man From 50-Year Prison Sentence

Alleged victim claimed Oregon man killed her pup Lucy

(Newser) - The discovery of a black Lab named Lucy led to the unravelling of a criminal case Monday against an Oregon man who had begun serving a 50-year prison sentence. Joshua Horner, a plumber from the central Oregon town of Redmond, was convicted on April 12, 2017, of sexual abuse of... More »

Romance Novelist Accused of Murdering Her Husband

Author Nancy Brophy allegedly shot her chef husband in Oregon

(Newser) - A romance novelist might've been better suited to the crime genre, according to Oregon authorities who accuse Nancy Crampton-Brophy of killing her chef husband. The 68-year-old, who writes under the name Nancy Brophy, was arraigned on charges of murder and unlawful use of a weapon Thursday, three months after... More »

Man Says He Was Fired for Refusing to Go to Bible Study

Ryan Coleman has filed a lawsuit

(Newser) - An Oregon man who says he was fired from his construction job for refusing to attend Christian Bible study is appealing to a higher power: the court. In a lawsuit filed this month, Ryan Coleman, 34, says he didn't find out about the weekly Bible study requirement until after... More »

Body Camera Footage Shows Officer Save Fawn

The fawn was stuck in a fence

(Newser) - An animal welfare officer in Oregon is getting attention after her body-worn camera captured her rescuing a baby deer. The Eugene Police Department on Thursday made public a video and photo of Officer Shawni McLaughlin freeing a terrified fawn that got stuck in a backyard fence, the AP reports. More »

7 of 8 People Killed in Head-On Crash Were Related

They died when driver veered into wrong lane

(Newser) - A family in Washington state is mourning seven family members—including five children—who died in a horrific crash while on their way to Las Vegas for an end-of-summer trip. Police say the seven died near Burns, Ore., when the driver of a 1999 Toyota 4Runner crossed the center line... More »

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