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Frankincense, Myrrh Making a Comeback

Last wild frankincense forests are in danger

(Newser) - Wise men from the East short on gift ideas will be glad to hear that frankincense and myrrh are making a comeback just 20 miles away from Bethlehem. Israeli farmer Guy Ehrlich is growing trees that produce the fragrant resins as part of a project to revive ancient plants mentioned... More »

Frankincense Is 'Doomed'

Ethiopia's population of the trees that produce it are dying

(Newser) - Gold and myrrh could one day find themselves a duo: Frankincense may soon be extinct. The tree that the perfumed resin is sourced from—boswellia papyrifera—grows mainly in northern Ethiopia ... or traditionally has. Today, as many as 7% of the trees there are dying annually, according to researchers, who... More »

2 Stories