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Art of the Deal Ghostwriter: Trump Could End Civilization

Tony Schwartz speaks to the 'New Yorker' about his misgivings

(Newser) - More than a million copies of Donald Trump's 1987 hit, The Art of the Deal have sold, and Tony Schwartz has pocketed 50% of the royalties earned on each one. That's because he ghostwrote the book, the product of a year-and-a-half spent shadowing Trump, listening in on his... More »

Ron Paul: Ghost Writers Penned Racist Ad, Newsletters

He should have policed mysterious writers, campaign admits

(Newser) - Mysterious "ghost writers" have suddenly popped up in Ron Paul's explanation for racist and anti-gay comments in an investment newsletter and a direct-mail ad that have landed him in the hottest water of his campaign. "Dr. Paul did not write" the ad—which was signed by him—... More »

2 Stories