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Web's Oldest Neo-Nazi Site Taken Offline

After 22 years, Stormfront booted by domain provider

(Newser) - Following in the footsteps of fellow white supremacist site DailyStormer , Stormfront has been shut down by its domain provider, TechCrunch reports. Stormfront, the oldest neo-Nazi site on the internet, has been registered at Network Solutions since 1995. But Network Solutions took the site offline after the Lawyer's Committee for... More »

David Duke's Godson Was 'Heir' to White Power. Till He Flipped

'Washington Post' profiles the transformation of Derek Black

(Newser) - Derek Black is 27, and if things had gone as planned, he'd be a leading figure, perhaps the leading figure, of the white nationalism movement by now. As the Washington Post explains in a profile, he's got the pedigree: His father, Don Black, is the creator of the... More »

Racists Rally Behind Ron Paul

He's not 'happy' about it, but won't disavow support

(Newser) - Ron Paul has long been a fringe candidate, and he has gathered some unpleasantly fringe supporters—namely, racists. The American Free Press, which publishes books like March of the Titans: A History of the White Race, is blanketing New Hampshire with a collection of Paul’s speeches, and the neo-Nazi... More »

3 Stories