Grand Rapids

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Prosecutor Gives 87-Year-Old Man a Pass

He was accused of soliciting a prostitute

(Newser) - Howard Arthur Klein lived 87 years without so much as a blot on his criminal record. In truth, the elderly Michigan man didn't have a record at all until a night in June when he was nabbed in a sting, accused of soliciting a prostitute who was actually an... More »

Being Annoying Is Now Legal in Grand Rapids

City dumps old law against jerks

(Newser) - A new vacation spot for America's most irritating people? After a 38-year ban, it's now OK to be annoying in Grand Rapids, Mich. On the advice of the city attorney, the city has decided to ax an old statute that says "no person shall willfully annoy another... More »

Coming Soon to Grand Rapids: Actual Rapids?

Officials, engineers team up in push to bring back long-missing whitewater

(Newser) - Grand Rapids' mayor gets a frequent question: "Where's the rapids?" Soon, he may be able to give a less disappointing answer. There haven't been rapids in the Michigan city for a century, since the riverbed was smoothed to make way for floating timber. But officials, engineers, and... More »

Cops: Man Intentionally Infected Women With HIV

Michigan's David Dean Smith says he exposed hundreds

(Newser) - Awful story out of Michigan: Authorities say a 51-year-old man who is HIV-positive confessed to intentionally exposing hundreds of people to the disease through unprotected sex, report MSNBC and the Grand Rapids Press . Court documents say that David Dean Smith harbored a "desire to harm women" and tried to... More »

4 Stories