Matt Romney

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Romney Boys Make a Lighter Case for Dad

While not as prominent as in 2008, Romney's sons still campaigning hard

(Newser) - Dear old Dad might get knocked around for being a bit wooden, but Mitt Romney's sons are pounding the campaign trail, four Romney clones hawking the candidate's personal story, cracking wise, and talking the talking points, reports the New York Times . “I think one thing we offer... More »

Obama Tries to Capitalize on Romney Son's Birther Gaffe

Matt Romney apologizes for joke about birth certificate

(Newser) - Probably the weirdest thing to come off the campaign trail yesterday was the mini-brouhaha that resulted when one of Mitt Romney's sons made a birther joke. As CBS explains, Matt Romney, 40, was answering a question in New Hampshire about whether his father would ever release his tax returns,... More »

2 Stories